Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sublimely Delicious Chocolate


I can’t seem to get away from buying and testing candy bars, while on vacation for two very good reasons.  Firstly, my walking increases and stimulates the appetite, while I’m  burning infinitely more calories than I do at home, so I can afford the fat calories I’m certain to ingest.  Secondly, they make nice little gifts to bring back home and share with friends. Friends, who at this very moment are wondering if they ever received a chocolate from me, and why not. Okay, you caught me, unless I buy multiples, they just never seem to make it home.


This Sublime bar caught my attention in a low end grocery store somewhere near the foot of Rue Cler in Paris and it was so very good with toasted coconut and almonds, that I’m certain to look for it again, and furthermore, if I manage to find it, I’m going to bring many bars home, really.

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